4 things to do to simplify your trip to America

4 things to do to simplify your trip to America

A trip to the United States is a great experience. If you live in Europe and have never traveled across the Atlantic, expect to make dozens of discoveries. But if you want to make the most of your stay, it is better to prepare it properly. Here are 4 things to do to simplify your trip to America:

1. Anticipate the administrative steps

To begin with, a trip to America requires a few administrative steps. On the one hand, you must make sure you have a valid passport. If you are a citizen of a European country, your passport must be valid for the duration of your stay. Knowing that it can take several months to renew a visa, it is better to start early !

On the other hand, if you plan to travel for less than 90 days for tourism, work or medical reasons, you do not need an. You can apply for an ESTA visa online at least 72 hours before you enter the US. But we advise you to do it even earlier, to be safe.

By going to https://fr.ivisa.com/, you simply fill out the form, pay the $14 fee and submit your request. Within 72 hours maximum, you will receive an answer from the American authorities by e-mail. In 99.9% of cases, the online ESTA visa application is approved and you receive your electronic authorization by email.

2. Plan your stay

Then, it is easier to plan your trip before leaving. This will avoid unnecessary stress on site, and you can prioritize the places you absolutely want to visit.

For a more pleasant stay, do not overload your schedule to try to see as many places as possible. Finally, you would not enjoy any visit and would be constantly in a hurry. Instead of grouping everything in one trip, list the most important steps for you and give them enough time in your planning.

And if you really enjoyed your stay in America and want to see more, you can plan another trip in the future.

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3. Book everything in advance

To simplify your trip to America, we advise you to make all your reservations in advance. Whether it is the transfer between the airport and your destination, your accommodation and your activities, book everything that can be booked. This way, you will be much more serene once you get there.

Also, if you plan to use public transportation, it would be wise to order a pass before you leave.

Finally, ask about the “city cards” intended for tourists: some of them include good deals that it would be a shame to miss.

4. Travel light and smart

Finally, it is better to travel light. Light luggage will be easier to carry and will cost you less on the plane. Prepare an optimized hand luggage and a suitcase with the bare necessities.

Here are the rules for flights to the United States.

And above all, make sure that your luggage is locked with TSA locks or padlocks. In case of a manual check, this will prevent the agents from breaking your lock.