How to sleep on a plane

How to sleep on a plane ?

Travelling sometimes involves long plane rides. For longer trips, it is common to travel at night. Unfortunately, the trip is often too uncomfortable to sleep during a plane ride.

However, there are simple solutions for sleeping on a plane and making long flights a real moment of rest and relaxation’arriving at your destination in good shape.

Here are some valuable tips on how to sleep on a plane:

1- Sleeping on a plane: choosing the right place

When flying, a few tricks can help you reproduce some of our sleep habits. For example, if you prefer to sleep on your right side, choose the right side of the plane’plane. It is also preferable to choose the window seat. This way, you won’t be disturbed by people going to the bathroom.

It is also preferable to wear a sleep mask’avoid exit row seats that do not recline and those whose armrests cannot be raised.

2- S’Equip yourself against external aggressions

In the airplane, many external aggressions come to disturb the sleep. Everything you need to know’First of all, it is necessary to be well equipped’To equip yourself first’It is also best to wear a sleep mask, blocking 100% of light, even sunlight or the most aggressive artificial light sources. Then, an anti-noise helmet, or if you support their discomfort, earplugs allow to reduce the surrounding noises so that they are only in your ears’They are only for water or fruit juice’barely audible.

To sleep well during a plane trip, it is also recommended to use a sleep mask’equip yourself with’a travel pillow. Seats being sometimes too uncomfortable to allow a good sleep. Different types of travel cushions exist to keep you comfortable’adapt to each sleeping position and meet your needs.

3- Avoid caffeine to sleep well during the flight

Caffeine is a stimulant, and by consuming it, you destroy your chances of falling asleep for good on your vacation journey. It is advisable to limit the number of times you can fall asleep during the flight’You can also use water or fruit juices offered by the airline.

sleeping during a plane trip

4- Take a sleeping aid during a flight

Sleep aids, such as melatonin, help you sleep better’fall asleep more easily. However, these aids should not be taken lightly and it is strongly advised to take into account the following points’advice from’a doctor.

5 – Listen to music to sleep faster

Listening to relaxing music helps you sleep better’fall asleep more quickly. If you are in a noisy plane, you can put your headphones under your anti-noise helmet for maximum comfort. Music helps to calm both the body and the mind’But these aids should not be taken lightly and it is strongly advised to take the time to think about them and to cut out all external distractions.

6- Wear comfortable clothes

It is difficult to find sleep when you are physically ill’comfort. Choose comfortable clothes that are not too tight.

7 – Watch your diet

There are 2 dietary principles to follow when sleeping on a plane. Everything from’7- First of all, avoid spicy meals which are bad for your intestines. It is also essential not to eat too much in order to stay healthy’fall asleep easily during the flight.

8 – Turn off the screens

The blue light emitted by the screens is harmful for the sleep, it is thus preferable not to spend too much time on screen during the flight.