Haute-Savoie snow tires mandatory but no fine before winter 2023

Haute-Savoie: snow tires mandatory but no fine before winter 2023

The new obligation to have winter equipment on his vehicle will be effective November 1. But no risk of fine according to the Ministry of Interior.

Reminder of the regulations

From November 1st, the Mountain Law II makes it mandatory until March 30th that vehicles driving in Haute-Savoie be equipped with either :

  • Fromfour winter tires (marked “M+S”, “M.S” or “M&S” with the mention 3PMSF- admitted until November 2024).
  • Removable anti-skid devices (metallic snow chains, hybrid chains, textile chains, snow socks) to equip at least two driving wheels of the vehicle.

This device aims to improve safety on the roads during the winter period. Signs will be posted on the road network to remind you of this obligation. A 4th class fine of 135 € is provided for offenders.

No penalties before 2022

The obligation concerns all the roads of the departments of Hautes-Alpes, Savoie and Haute-Savoie. However, the Secretary of State for Rural Affairs, Mr. Joël Giraud, indicated on October 4 that the government grants a one year tolerance before the application of sanctions and in particular the fine of 135 € (metal snow chains, hybrid chains, etc.). Many tire professionals had recently warned of the short delay to equip tens of thousands of vehicles. However, the government has specified that in case of disruptions, the prefects could take special measures.

The forces of order will proceed for the winter 2021 to operations of recall of the law to the motorists. The Minister of the Interior has issued a statement that specifies this tolerance until the winter of 2022: “In this holiday season, we are pleased to inform you that we have decided to allow you to travel light Information and education operations will accompany the implementation of this device in the coming weeks. The possible failures to the obligation to hold snow chains in its trunk or to equip its vehicle with winter tires in the concerned departments will not be sanctioned this winter “.

Our file on the obligation to have snow tires in Haute-Savoie details the new regulation.