Is it possible to install a wind turbine at home in Annecy and Haute-Savoie

Is it possible to install a wind turbine at home in Annecy ?

To fight against global warming, the transition to non-polluting energies is a concern of many families in Annecy. But concretely, can you install a wind turbine on your property ?

What is the interest to install a wind turbine in Annecy ?

The last municipal elections in Annecy have led to an environmentalist mayor at the head of the city. Global warming is becoming a growing concern in Haute-Savoie and the inhabitants want to contribute at their level to work for the protection of the environment. The energy transition consists in preferring modes of energy production that are more respectful of nature. In France, the energy comes essentially from nuclear power.

But there are other technologies to produce electricity such as wind energy and solar energy. Some areas of our department have enough wind to think about the installation of a domestic wind turbine.

In addition to the interest of producing renewable energy, you contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This type of installation can lead to significant savings on the electricity bill in the long run. You can also ensure additional income thanks to the amount of energy that can be resold.

Finally, producing your own electricity allows you to be autonomous and thus not to suffer from the repeated increases of the energy costs in France.

What is the price of a domestic wind turbine ?

The installation in Annecy of a domestic wind turbine by a private individual corresponds to a significant investment at the beginning. A good professional will advise you between the different types of technologies available:

  • The horizontal wind turbine which captures the wind with propellers perpendicular to the ground. It is the most profitable, but it creates noise pollution which makes it incompatible with the neighborhood. In addition, you need a clear land which is rare around Annecy where the price of land is very high.
  • The vertical wind turbine has blades that turn on themselves and can produce electricity even if the wind is weak enough. It is therefore adapted to the urban environment of Annecy and can be installed on the roof of a house for a reasonable price. The installation of solar panels can allow in addition to reach a sufficient production to be autonomous. The price of an installation is between 10 000 and 40 000 € depending on the desired electrical power.
  • The hydraulic wind turbine is intended for homeowners who live near a river. In Haute-Savoie, there are many streams that can be suitable. The electricity is produced thanks to a turbine which converts the power of the water current into electricity. Its cost is around 9 000 €.

You can benefit from certain governmental aids to reduce the bill such as the reduced VAT rate of 10%, regional and departmental subsidies. The Agence Nationale de l’Amélioration de l’Habitat can also advise you on all the aids available in the Annecy region. The sale of a part of your electricity to EDF can also bring you a regular income.

How does the installation happen concretely? ?

The installation takes place over a few days. A specialized craftsman will choose with you the best site for your domestic wind turbine. The footprint is generally 4 x 4 m. If you choose a vertical wind turbine, it will probably be installed on your roof. Then the company you choose will proceed to the installation of a concrete base. The wind turbine will then be assembled horizontally before being put in a vertical position using a hydraulic jack.

The last step is the connection to the public electricity network. The installation of a meter will allow to quantify the quantity of energy produced, the energy consumed and the energy sold to EDF.

It is advisable to consult several professionals in the Annecy region to obtain different quotes. They will also be able to advise you on the best technology according to the specificities of your property: type of wind, noise pollution, acceptability for your neighborhood. In the case of a hydraulic wind turbine, a study of the flow of the river will be necessary to validate the feasibility of your wind project

What are the legal and local constraints in Annecy ?

The implantation of a wind turbine in Annecy must respect certain administrative formalities:

  • A building permit is required for wind turbines over 12 meters high.
  • Declaration of works for projects less than 12 meters high.
  • An impact study financed by the applicant is recommended
  • The domestic wind turbine project must comply with the local intercommunal urban planning plan of the Greater Annecy agglomeration.

For all these steps, you can make an appointment with the urbanism service of Annecy which is located near the airport of Meythet. We advise you to choose a local company which is used to deal with the local public services. To avoid administrative appeals against your building permit or your authorization of work, it is advisable to inform your neighbors beforehand by leading a consultation on the visual and sound impact of your equipment.

This beautiful project will allow you to produce a clean and inexhaustible energy thanks to the only force of the wind or the water.