What to prepare when you use a motorhome to move

What to prepare when using a motorhome to move ?

It’s decided, you want to leave your house for a long time and live in your motorhome all year long ? Your choice is bold and you won’t regret it ! However, this change must be well prepared so that this new life of roaming goes well. Here is our advice.

Feeling ready to take the plunge

Even before embarking on the adventure, make sure you are ready to leave everything behind: the life you are about to discover will be very different and if you will gain in freedom, you will sometimes feel nostalgic for your sedentary home. Weigh the pros and cons and if you are still hesitating, let yourself be carried away by the prospect of hitting the road !

Choose a large motorhome

First of all, it is important to remember that you will spend your life in a vehicle. You must not neglect its size in order to live comfortably. If you’re going alone, maybe a medium-sized van will do, as long as it’s fully equipped.

If there are two of you, or even a whole family, your motorhome will have to be big enough. Maybe it will be a problem for you in some passages of road but you will have to give priority to comfort and quality of life in everyday life by giving enough space to everyone.

Opt for comfort accessories

Moving into a van is not the same as spending a weekend or a few weeks of vacation in it. All the details take on a higher importance. If you plan to move during the summer, think about air conditioning for your motorhome or caravan.

Also in winter, plan for heating and fighting the cold. The accessories allowing to live in a pleasant temperature are always welcome because otherwise, your experience will be short-lived.

Also, choose quality household appliances or hifi accessories in order to be able to cook, wash yourself and live serenely without questioning. It is better to invest in good equipment than to buy a new one after a few weeks. Finally, the question of batteries and energy supply is crucial: equip your motorhome with the best solutions to benefit from low cost energy.


Pack the bare minimum

Among all your daily objects, only take what you are sure to use. Choices will be difficult to make but you will quickly realize that there is no place for anything superfluous in a motorhome. The goal is to have as much space as possible while having the minimum vital to enjoy your life on four wheels.

The choice in your clothes will probably be limited but the game is worth the candle: by living lighter, you will find little by little the pleasures of freedom.

Administrative procedures

No hassle: nowadays, most of the procedures are done online, so you don’t necessarily need to wait for the mailbox. On the other hand, you will need a correspondence address, whether it is for the tax authorities, the insurance of your vehicle or your telephone. A relative can issue a certificate of accommodation and receive your mail for you.

The government website helps you to understand all about this particular situation.

In addition, remember to declare to your insurer that you live in your motorhome all year round: indeed, it is better to anticipate the claims and pay a little more premium in exchange for a more extensive coverage.