Annecy cyclists up 23% in 2023

Annecy: cyclists up by 23% in 2023

In one year, the number of cyclists has increased by 23% in Annecy. This is what emerges from the annual count of the association Roule & Co. We propose you to take stock of the subject.

An increase of 23% in one year

Every year, the association Roule & Co realizes a counting of the cyclists in Annecy. The latest was published in early October. On Tuesday 04 and Thursday 06, 22 volunteers have realized the quantification by positioning themselves in twelve different places of the city. In all, 2 561 cyclists have been counted.

This is double that of 2018, when the first count was made. And in one year, the progression is also important, since the number of people by bike is up 23%.

bicycle count © roule & co

The popularity is therefore clearly increasing and can be explained, according to the association Roule & Co, by “making the roadway safer and more attractive to cyclists. On the other hand, the Cycling Master Plan of the agglomeration having been voted, it is necessary to expect new developments. One more reason to decide to leave the car in favor of the bicycle.

A more important progression on the side of Seynod

If all the sectors observed show an increase in the number of cyclists, it should be noted that Seynod has seen a particularly large increase in the number of bicycles. More generally, the West of the Grand Annecy tends to abandon the car in favor of this soft mode of transport. The association Roule & Co also highlights another sector where children are numerous.

This is the traffic circle of Vignières and Petit-Port, coming from Veyrier-du-Lac.

The roadworks have had a significant impact on the number of cyclists on the Rhone Avenue overpass and the Gambetta Avenue underground. Thus, the presence of bicycles has increased significantly over the last two years.

Vélonecy, an offer that has been able to impose itself

Electric bikes represent 1 out of 3 models. At the same time, the Vélonecy service has been widely developed and democratized throughout the Greater Annecy area. They represented 10% of the bicycles observed, compared to only 1% in 2018. It should be noted that most of them are still observed in sectors that are farther away from the center of Annecy.

The device to the purchase of aid victim of its success

Due to the very large number of applications received in 2022, the aid scheme for the purchase of cycling equipment in Greater Annecy has been forced to close its doors for the rest of the year. Since its opening in April, more than 2,400 files have been submitted and the budget allocated to the device has been exceeded. More than 100 applications are already on the waiting list.

Where to rent a bike in Annecy ?

Vélonécy in Annecy

For lack of being able to take advantage of the aid of the Grand Annecy for the end of this year 2022, it remains possible to rent a bike. We will think in particular of the public service Vélonecy. It is as well possible to rent a bike for a short trip as for a long one.

Another option, use the private rental companies in Annecy. They are numerous within the agglomeration, such as Roul’ma Poule or Pédal’Douce.

Take advantage of the state aid to invest in a bicycle

Until December 31, you can take advantage of state aid to invest in a bike. It can be granted directly and even if the Grand Annecy no longer has the opportunity to benefit the inhabitants of its device. The state subsidies are spread out as follows:

  • 150€ for a new classic bike
  • 400 to 2 000€ for an electric bike, cargo bike or adapted bike
  • 1 500 to 3 000€ for the conversion bonus

Reminder of traffic rules for cyclists

If you have just acquired an electric bicycle or are considering doing so, here are some safety rules to keep in mind:

You are obliged to use the bike paths that are available to you.

In the absence of a bicycle lane, you must ride on the right side of the road.

You don't have to drive on the sidewalks.

In the meeting zones, it is advised not to ride at more than 20 km/h.

If you ride with several people, think of riding in single file or two abreast at most. When overtaken by a vehicle, get behind each other.

Don’t forget to ensure your safety by wearing a helmet.

Just like a car, cyclists must follow the rules of the road. Finally, it is recommended to have your bike serviced every 300 kilometers. If you have a Vélonecy in long term rental, you can do it for free.

Some associations like Roule & Co will also allow you to repair your bike yourself, while being supervised.