On your next trip, never miss the real must-sees

For your next trips, never miss the real must-haves

While the world tourism is “closed” (temporarily of course), it is the ideal moment to prepare our next trips and also to rethink all the ones we did previously. If we could never go back to Rome, Istanbul, Athens, what are the places that we missed and that it pains us to think that we will never see again? ? But above all: why didn’t we visit them when we had the chance? ?

How can we make sure to visit the rare pearls of each city ?

Obviously, if we ran out of time, we have no questions to ask ourselves. But if this is not the case and we have proceeded by choice or, even worse, we do not know the existence of a particular site or museum, it may be time to find out about the use of private guides for our next trips.

Today, in the world’s capitals, it will always be possible (or almost) to prepare a private guided tour in French. This is one of the advantages of living in this day and age: no more waiting to be in the city before finding your. This is a great advantage, because it allows us to choose the right person, according to the characteristics that are important to us, before we leave !

A feeling of freedom

For those who are used to living their city discovery experience alone or as a couple, the idea of adding a private guide may seem restrictive. But it is quite the opposite. Indeed, having a private guide allows us to choose our moments of solitude (for two) and our travels according to our will, while benefiting from the expertise of a person who will allow us to discover unique places.

It is not as if you were part of a group and that the departure and return of each activity took place at a fixed time. If you like a particular place and you want to extend your visit, it will be easy to do so. The addition of a private guide is not the addition of constraints, but an addition of freedom since he or she will be able to take us to unique places known only to the locals and communicating with them in their language; an advantage that is often priceless, especially for certain destinations.

In fact, the contribution of a private guide is, without a doubt, the only way not to miss out on a real must-see that is often not found in printed or online tourist guides.

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