Private jet the right way to travel

Private jet: the right way to travel ?

Renting a private jet allows you to travel in a certain luxury, much more comfortably than in a classic flight. This type of service is ideal to celebrate a special event’This activity is addressed to a very varied public, because of its numerous advantages. For example, it allows to’Have more flexibility for a trip of a lifetime’business. L’The aircraft can take off at any time allowing its passengers to keep their appointments without’This type of service is very convenient for those who want to keep their appointment without worrying about social movements or the delay of the flight’It is not possible to have other people delay the flight. For a trip of’approval, the rental of an airplane’A private jet can be interesting to shorten the duration of the flight’You can even choose a trip in case the destination is not in your area’has few (if any) direct flights.

The rental of’A private jet can also be rented for a business trip’It is a great opportunity to celebrate a special event such as a bachelorette party or a wedding, and become an unforgettable memory.

Now that’we presented you the reasons to rent a private jet, the questions you may ask yourself are: how and at what price ?

How to rent a private jet ?

Private jet rental is a very specific service provided by private companies. There are several on the market such as Aeroaffaires, Private Jet Charter, AirPartner, NetJets and many others’others still. To rent a private jet, you will have to go through a private company.

The best thing to do is to visit the different sites offering private trips, and compare the flights according to the destination where you have to go.

Once you have selected the company you will be flying with, there are two options’You can choose between a chartered private jet or an empty flight.

The private jet charter

Rent a private jet The chartered jet is the most comfortable and flexible solution, but also the one with the highest price. It allows you to take off from the airport’Airport of your choice’At any time. You even have the possibility to’to advance or to delay the trip’It is particularly convenient when you have to leave at a specific time, depending on your needs.

This is particularly practical in the context of a business trip’a meeting of minds’It allows you to take off from the airport where the initial schedule can be modified.

The empty flight

The Empty Leg n’The park is only offered by certain companies, and allows passengers to enjoy the ride’a very interesting price on their flight. The empty flights correspond to the booking of’a one-way flight in a private jet, without return. Also, the private company is obliged to’operate a return to empty. In the interest of profitability, these returns are open to booking for other countries’What is the price of other passengers?. This solution is therefore very economical, but not very flexible.

The customers of this service will have to be’It depends on the company’s model’plane, as well as’to the’airport and at the’departure time, unlike a specially chartered private jet. The start-up CoJetage s’is particularly distinguished in this type of flight, offering trips to’70% cheaper. For example, it is possible to take advantage of a place of worship’a private jet for a price of 200 € on a flight from Paris to London.

What is the price of the flight?’a private jet ?

The price of’a private jet is very variable. It depends:

  • of the selected airline;
  • the length of the journey;
  • of the private jet model;
  • of the’agenda ;
  • the number of staff and passengers on board;
  • of the’option (chartered jet or empty flight).

To give you an idea of what you need to know’To give you an idea, here is a small table made from the information of the company Aeroaffaires. Afterwards, it is possible that the prices change depending on the company.

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