Metz a culturally rich city

Metz: a culturally rich city

Metz is part of the Moselle department, which belongs to the Grand Est region. C’is therefore a city of the historical and cultural region of Lorraine. Metz is a city that wants to be modern and is developing in this direction, especially since 2010 with the’opening of the Pompidou-Metz center. What are the assets and particularities of Metz ? What to do in this city and how to organize your stay ?

Presentation of the city of Metz

Metz is located in the North-East of France and is the capital of the Moselle department. It is located at the foot of the “Côtes de Moselle” and dominated by Mount Saint-Quentin. In addition, the position of Metz is excellent from’from an international point of view.

In fact, it is located in the middle of the main European traffic routes (the’north-south axis Brussels-Luxembourg-Metz-Nancy-Dijon and the’east-west axis Paris-Reims-Metz-Sarrebruck-Frankfurt am Main).

In terms of architecture, Metz is marked by the ancient world’History and annexations since the Second World War’Antiquity. It is mainly made up of buildings from the Middle Ages’Medieval, French and Germanic influence.

Metz is the third largest city in the Grand Est region after Strasbourg and Reims. Its urban area counts today’Metz is now home to approximately 400,000 inhabitants, making it the second largest urban area in Lorraine and the third largest in the Grand Est region (after the Strasbourg and Nancy areas). The people of Metz are relatively young (dominance of people between 20 and 30 years old).

We can therefore say that Metz is a dynamic city that is very much alive’is strongly developed on the demographic level, but also on the level of the economy’education. In fact, in 2012, several universities merged to become the’The University of Lorraine is now an internationally renowned center.

The must-sees of Metz

Metz is full of places of visit not to be missed :

  • The Pompidou-Metz center: composed of three galleries, you can admire temporary exhibitions of art and culture’works of art’modern and contemporary art.
  • The Museum of the Cour d’Gold: Metz is above all a cultural city, it’s a’This is why there are many museums such as the Cour d’Gold, which offers an incredible archaeological section.
  • L’opera-theater: inaugurated in 1752, it is a’is one of’It is one of the first theaters built in France. All kinds of performances take place during the day’year.
  • Place Saint-Louis: located in the heart of the old city, this square was designed in the Middle Ages and has Siennese influences in the design’architecture of the houses.
  • La Porte des Allemands : this small castle is the’one of the oldest medieval vestiges of Metz, it is the most important’is also the starting point for the tour of the ramparts.
  • Saint-Etienne’s Cathedral: this building is made up of two distinct churches. Many artists have participated in the decoration of the cathedral. It is classified as a historical monument and is a candidate for the classification of the European Union’UNESCO (World Heritage of the Environment)’humanité).

What to do in Metz ?

During your stay stay in Metz, many activities can tempt you. Depending on the length of your vacation and the weather, you can plan your schedule. Here are some ideas of’leisure activities :

  • Stroll through the parks and gardens: a true “green city”, Metz is a city that has a lot to offer’Metz is committed to offering 45 square meters of greenery per inhabitant. The city has many green spaces (Esplanade, Moselle Valley, Pas de Loup Park, Jardin Boufflers, Simon Park, Botanical Garden, etc.).
  • Discover the pedestrian city center : Metz is the’one of the first cities to dedicate a space for pedestrians in the city center. N’Don’t forget to ask about market days to do some shopping.
  • The Wine Route: this 46 km route in Moselle allows you to discover many vineyards while enjoying the local landscape.
  • A boat trip: discover the city of Metz by sailing on the waters. A short river cruise seems perfectly appropriate when the weather is good.

How to organize a stay in Metz ?

You are convinced by the tourist potential of Metz and wish to stay there. Depending on the type of stay (family, business, romantic, etc.) you will have to choose the mode of transportation and the type of accommodation’the most suitable accommodation.

For you To get to Metz Métropole, You can of course come by car, or take the bus’plane or train. L’The nearest airport is 18 km from Metz (Lorraine Airport).

In case you are staying with your family, you can stay in a hostel or rent an airbnb apartment which will be more spacious than the one in Metz’a room of your choice’hotel. Book your accommodation so that you are not left without a roof over your head during your stay’it is improvised.

As in all big cities, traffic and parking can be stressful (traffic jams, full parking lots, etc). C’is a point of interest’You forget to plan before leaving on vacation. In Metz, a large bus network has been set up to ease traffic. In addition, there are public and private parking lots for parking.

So think about reserving your place, if possible, in order not to waste time looking for a parking place.