3 towns to discover for a weekend in the Loire Valley

Spend a weekend in the Loire Valley

You want to take the time to discover the world’a weekend? It is true that’it is tempting to leave the noise and pollution of the Paris region to go and relax in the fresh air, in the Centre region. The Loire Valley is an ideal place to spend a weekend top tourist destination Every year, millions of tourists enjoy the mild climate and the rich historical heritage of the region. So why not take the road to discover the jewels of this region 2 hours from Paris? By car or by TGV, this region is very easily accessible.

Below are 3 top cities to visit in the Loire Valley.

Cities to visit for a weekend in the Loire Valley :

The city of Blois

On the road to the castles of the Loire, Blois is one of the many restaurants that have made the Loire Valley famous’The Loire Valley is one of the first cities you will come across on your way from Paris. By the’The A10 freeway, you will not need much more than a few minutes to reach the city’An hour and a half to get to Blois. This city is obviously famous for the royal castle of Blois, residence of the kings of France during the Renaissance period.

Its architectural style oscillates between Gothic and Renaissance. The castle is located in the city center and overlooks the Loire.

You can’t leave Blois without visiting the Loire Valley house of magic. This museum of the’The illusion pays tribute to an illustrious local magician, Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin. You’ll be dazzled from the moment you arrive by the amazing facade with the dragon heads.

Exhibitions and illusions’You will be able to discover the fantastic world of the Loire Valley through the eyes of the locals. This is an activity that will please both parents and children’to children.

If you like comics, go to the comic book house. It regularly welcomes authors for a moment of discovery’exchange with the visitors. This place is the’the opportunity to visit exhibitions dedicated to the 9th art.

The city of Tours

The capital of the Loire Valley has’a rich cultural heritage. You will start your visit of the city with the Saint-Gatien cathedral. Its monumental gothic style does not’It is reminiscent of the Sainte Chapelle in Paris. The glass roofs are absolutely beautiful. You will then stroll through the small streets of the old Tours.

The medieval style will take you back in time. Take the time to sit down in the restaurant’Blois is one of the many restaurants that have made the city’s gastronomic reputation.

The museum of Fine Arts of Tours is located not far from the cathedral. The courtyard is decorated with a beautiful French garden. In the museum, you can admire paintings from the Italian Renaissance, French paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as sculptures from the 19th century’antiquity.

The amateurs of’Contemporary art will be able to discover the history of the museum Olivier Debré’s Center for Contemporary Creation. This place of promotion and dissemination of contemporary artistic creation n’The museum is not just a place of exhibition’exhibition or conservation of works but also a place where young artists can train. The center regularly puts on’honor of new talents.


The city of’Angers

A little more to the’west on the Loire, towards the city center’Anjou and its vineyards! You will start your discovery of the city with the monumental château d’Angers along the Maine River. Easily recognizable with its tall towers and slate walls, you will be dazzled by the beauty of its gardens and the famous hanging of the’Apocalypse.

Around the castle, you can walk through pretty medieval-style alleys leading to the Saint Maurice cathedral.

A true testimony of l’angevin gothic art, Halfway between the Romanesque and the Gothic, the cathedral is notably decorated with a large number of windows’a magnificent canopy inspired by that of St. Peter’s in Rome. The stained glass windows are the work of the master glass artist André Robin. You will reach this emblematic place of the city of Anjou after having climbed the numerous steps of the castle’a monumental staircase.

Angers is known for its gentle way of life. There are many parks and gardens: Jardin du Mail, Jardin des Plantes, Parc Saint-Nicolas or Terra Botanica. These green spaces are the lungs of the city.

Now you have all the information you need to discover the Loire Valley. Beyond cultural visits in the cities, n’Do not hesitate to take a few walks in the countryside. The green nature awaits you, along the’water.