These countries closed to the French for the coronavirus

These countries closed to the French for the coronavirus

The Coronavirus has become a global pandemic and was first detected in China in December 2019. It spreads more and more in the countries of’Europe. In France, this disease has already caused more than fifty deaths. Many other countries in the world are also affected.

However, control measures have been taken to respond effectively to this threat and to limit the damage. Among these protective measures, some countries have forbidden to the French, access on their territory. Others have gone so far as to close their borders for a time. The point on the situation !

Reminder of the Coronavirus epidemic

The Coronavirus first appeared in Wuhan, China, and has now spread to most of the world’s countries. Virus similar to the Spanish flu, it spreads more and more. It is during the month of December that the first cases of the disease were detected. The affected people were working in a seafood market.

It is only at the beginning of January 2020 that the information was disseminated.

It would be a virus that’It is found in bats and has been transmitted to humans. Scientific analyses have found a 96% similarity between the human and bat coronavirus. Studies made at the Pasteur Institute have declared that the main host of the virus is the bat.

This epidemic has affected many areas of the city’activity.

s seafood market’where the’epidemic s’is spread, has been closed since January 1st. Then, 41 people, including three working in the seafood market, were infected in the commercial district of Wuhan. During the month of January, two men died in Wuhan. It was only on January 20, 2020 that it was confirmed that the Coronavirus can be transmitted between humans

By the end of January, 100,000 people were infected with the virus. Today, many other countries have been affected, and the virus continues to spread. The cases of coronavirus in Italy, France and the rest of Europe remain a real concern and it is necessary to take measures to prevent the spread of the virus’use to follow the travel advice related to the coronavirus.

Countries where the French are banned

There is already a high rate of people affected by the coronavirus in France. The cases continue to grow’increase, and the deaths also. The countries closed to the French had to make this provision to prevent the situation from escalating’worsens on their respective territories.

The United States

Donald Trump announced on Wednesday, March 11, the ban on travel to America of travelers from’Europe, and this, for thirty days.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, a land that attracts many tourists, is now one of the countries affected by the Coronavirus. To ensure health security and limit the rate of contamination, this country has banned all foreigners from entering its territory. It has gone so far as to suspend all air and sea transactions from a number of countries. Among these countries is France.

It goes further by removing anyone who has been in or through France for 14 days prior to their arrival.

North Korea

It is one of the most radical countries in taking measures to protect against the pandemic. L’entry to North Korea is forbidden to any foreign person, regardless of its country of origin. International flights and train arrivals are suspended until further notice. Many foreigners in Korea have been quarantined.

Also, there are messages about hygiene rules repeated all day long. North Korea has completely closed its borders. No more entry, no more exit.

India began its ban by stopping issuing visas to people from countries such as France, Germany and Spain. It also repealed all valid visas to nationals of the countries mentioned. All French people, as well as people coming through French airports, are no longer allowed to set foot in India.

Indian visas in all forms are no longer available until April 15, 2020.

In addition to France, India is also imposing its protection measures on 6 other countries. These countries are China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain and Germany.


Also in order to stop the Coronavirus pandemic, Jordan prohibits, as of March 14, 2020, the entry of any person from any country into the countryaccess to its territory to the French. However, some French citizens are allowed to go there under certain conditions. It is a question of presenting a “certificate of non-infection with COVID-19 signed by the French authorities”. This condition was set by France Diplomatie.


C’Jordan is a holy land that welcomes a large number of tourists every year, most of whom are French. According to French diplomacy, many people will not be able to enter Israel. L’access to the territory is forbidden to any person who does not have Israeli nationality and has stayed or taken by France for more than six hours during the last two weeks.

The Israeli authorities have also announced theban on French nationals as well as’people from several other European countries to enter the country. This statement was made on March 4, 2020. Nationals of Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Austria are banned from entering Israel.

Any other person of a different nationality will observe a 14-day quarantine. This quarantine will prevent the spread of the virus.


Since March 11, 2020, this country has also banned the’access to its territory to the French. Even if for the’instant l’on n’Even if it is suspected that there are only a few cases of the disease, the Kazakh authorities prefer to bet on the card of prudence by taking this measure.

Trinidad and Tobago

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago have forbidden access to their territory to anyone who has left or crossed France. In addition, the granting of visas has been suspended for all nationals of certain European countries, including the French.

Marshall Islands

This country has also banned all French nationals from entering its territory. It s’s main concern is to prevent the spread of the disease’a preventive measure.


El Salvador has stopped the ban on access to its territory to people from countries affected by the pandemic Coronavirus including the French. The first political authority of the country, Nayib Bukele, ordered on March 7, 2020, the entry on the territory to Germans and French. Although no case of Covid-19 has been declared in the country, access is closed to all foreigners for a period of 30 days.

Countries where the French are quarantined

Some countries declared more hospitable, did not closed their doors to the French. However, they imposed certain conditions such as quarantine. But in any case, it is recommended to the French to postpone all their trips: professional or tourist.

South American countries

As one of the least affected countries in the world, South American countries have not closed to the French. Most of these countries have imposed a self-isolation measure on all French nationals. This self-isolation must be done in the place of stay for a period of 14 days.

In Colombia, this decision remains valid until May 30, 2020.

African countries

Africa, the continent least affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, has remained open to other countries including France. These are mainly the’Uganda, Liberia, Congo and Burundi. Other countries in Africa just subject travelers to a health check even without symptoms, upon arrival.

This is the case of Zimbabwe, Gabon and Angola. Others add to this control the wearing of masks in public and a self surveillance during the stay. Morocco, for example, requires the French to fill out a health form.


This country imposes on all person coming from France being French or not, to respect a quarantine period. Extended over a period of 14 days from the time of entry into Cyprus, the quarantine is conducted under telephone control.

China (Hong Kong)

In China, it is now mandatory to spend 14 days in quarantine, regardless of the country from which you came. As of March 14, 2020, anyone coming from France mainly from Bourgogne Franche-Comté and Grand Est within two weeks before arrival, will have to be quarantined.


French citizens are required to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

Laos, intervention at the source. Travel agencies postpone all organized trips from countries affected by the epidemic. Among these countries is France.

These trips are postponed until further notice.


Any person coming from a country affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, including France, must be quarantined for 14 days. This decision was taken by decree and published on March 5, 2020 in Moscow.

Reinforced controls in Egypt and Brazil

Egypt and Brazil have strengthened their protection measures. In Egypt, nationals of several countries including France, Italy, China, Japan, are required to fill in a card. In addition to the health information card to be filled out, they are also subject to a permanent temperature control.

As for Brazil, the French nationals may be subject to controls. These controls will be done if’they show symptoms of Covid-19.

Visas required again in Nepal and Vietnam

Nepal and Vietnam require a visa for all French nationals. In Vietnam, it was possible for the French to spend 15 days without visas. In Nepal, the French had the opportunity to apply for a visa once on site.

From now on, the visa is requested and must be done before the arrival on the said territories.