Visit the Louvre Museum Guide

Visit the Louvre Museum Guide

How to imagine a visit to the capital without a detour to the first arrondissement and its famous Louvre museum ? It is the’one of the greatest museums in the world and the the largest museum in Paris. With 60,600 m² of treasures dating from prehistory to the 21ᵉ century. The whole world travels miles to discover it, more than 8 million visitors a year. That’What explains such a craze? ?

History of the Louvre Museum

True jewel of the French patrimony, c’is eight centuries old’history to explore. It all began with the discovery of powerful walls and a large number of sculptures’A large medieval tower located under the cour-carrée at the beginning of the 13ᵉ century, a true symbol of the city’royal authority, it was’It was a defensive fortress to protect Paris from the English in Normandy. The king of the’Philippe Auguste period n’The Louvre was not the home of the royal family, but it was where the royal prisoners, jewels, sheets and chests were kept. The kings succeeded one another but François the First was the one who decided to build a new tower’In order to make it his main residence, he started a lot of work and began to rebuild the Louvre with a facade, windows, a gallery along the Seine. Prowess unequalled in Europe.

When Louis XIII and Louis XIV came to power, they also undertook other works to sublimate the palace and enlarge it. The work was nevertheless interrupted when Louis XIV decided to live at the Palace of Versailles and abandon the Louvre Palace. For years, the palace remained as Louis XIII had left it. It was not until the 18ᵉ century that new projects came to light, another project was proposed, that of transforming the Palace into a Museum. Louis XV also wanted to continue what had been started.

Thus, with its succession of royalty, the collections are not always the same’have never ceased to exist’s largest museums and the accumulation of artworks’works of art’art, paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, sculptures by Michelangelo, drawings and other artistic wonders of the ages.

Louis XVI allows from time to time to a few fans of the music scene to have a good time’Art to come and admire the works, without opening to all, people complain of not being able to access the collection of the king, gradually the’idea of the creation of’a permanent museum is making its way and the’During the Revolution, the National Assembly decreed the construction of a fortress’opening of the Museum in the Louvre Palace. Inaugurated in 1793, the Louvre Museum c’It is dozens of’improvements, d’enrichments, restorations, d’The museum has been enlarged to make it a must-see place to visit in Paris.