Annecy gift vouchers to support local merchants

Annecy: gift vouchers to support local business

Gift vouchers from the association Les Vitrines d’Annecy

In this period of end of year celebrations and therefore of gifts, an association of shopkeepers in Annecy offers gift vouchers to help the local economy. How to use.

A local initiative to consume locally

These gift vouchers are issued by the association “Les Vitrines d’Annecy” which wishes to carry a local collective project with several objectives :

  • To concretely help the local economy hard hit by the two confinements.
  • Discover new stores among a large choice of more than 250 shops annéciens.
  • To have a practical solution to please your relatives by directing their purchase.

How to use

You can order the gift vouchers on the website of the association “Les Vitrines d’Annecy”. Their unit value is 10 €. The businesses are located within the perimeter of the new commune of Annecy.

They are recognizable thanks to a small flag with the effigy of Santa Claus affixed to the front of the store.

The big companies are involved in the scheme

The association notes that large companies like Pfeiffer Vacuum participate in the initiative. The latter, based on avenue de Genève in Annecy, has more than 1,000 employees. It buys gift vouchers for its employees out of solidarity and in support of the local economy.

For the companies, it is the way to offer a different product from the national gift vouchers, more beneficial for the economic fabric of Annecy. It is also a way to reward its employees, its best customers and its suppliers. With the health crisis, more and more consumers in Annecy want to promote the circular economy. For fresh products, the development of farmers’ markets is a concrete response.

For manufactured products, the initiative of local gift certificates completes the commercial offer.