Christine Berrou and Winston Carter two original Parisian shows

Christine Berrou and Winston Carter: two original Parisian shows

Theater, television and radio… Christine Berrou has become in a few years, a face as well as a voice impossible to circumvent ! And it’s with a as it were best of, performed on the Parisian stage, that oblikon (re)discovered. As for Winston Carter, it made us its cinema… but on a stage as we could also, discover it !

Christine Berrou, comedian and radio host

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On the stage of the Petit Gymnase theater, Christine Berrou is a real chatterbox, but in the right direction of the wind. As talkative as spontaneous, she always has something to tell us ! From the beginning of her show, Christine has fun distributing a few well-defined roles to a group of spectators, in order to establish numerous exchanges during the whole performance. And even if designating a few people in the audience is not original in itself, they will regularly be called upon to react, obviously risking a joke, which will bring to the show multiple repartees, as tasty as unpredictable !

Christine Berrou is much more comfortable and funny, when it borrows the rules of stand up, rather than those of traditional skits that require a little more effective fall. But his personality, as well as his so singular voice, are enough to ensure anyway, a real comic presence on a stage, without even having to meditate on his pretty dress…

She sparkles without fuss, knows how to improvise with malice, but never falls into the easy ! And you can also find Christine Berrou’s column, every weekend on Europe1 !

Winston Carter, in “American Actor

It is on one of the scenes of the The Rampart Theater, that Winston Carter plunges its public in the universe of the American cinema, with a one man show directed by Fran├žois Michonneau.

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On the poster of his show, he poses in very bad boy, but in truth Winston plays several characters, American and French, borrowing different roles, but also situations. To succeed in creating an atmosphere, when an artist is alone on stage and in a rather basic setting, is not an easy undertaking. However, Winston Carter manages to do it, because he knows how to occupy the space and quickly catch the spectator thanks to his voice and an interesting soundtrack.

However, in the course of his adventures, he zigzags a lot and therefore sometimes loses us, when, for example, he goes from sketch to stand up, or vice versa.

Winston Carter does not yet have its star on Hollywood Boulevard, but it already has an undeniable presence on the stage of the theater. And even if the comments are less acid than expected, her show remains original in form. Winston really deserves to be encouraged, so that one day he can be in the limelight !