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10 items to pack for winter sports

C’It is generally at the end of November that the ski resorts start their winter season. The aficionados of winter sports’winter are ready to hit the slopes. Preparing for your next ski trip or mountain vacation doesn’t have to be complicated’It is not improvised.

The choice of the’Equipment and accessories are essential to guarantee comfort, convenience and safety to its owner. Here is a list of 10 things to pack for winter sports.

The ideal clothing and equipment for winter sports’winter

  • The ski suit. It is’acts d’an important garment to stay warm and dry. Indeed, thanks to its composition, it protects from bad weather like wind, rain or snow. It is waterproof, so it allows you to stay dry’to sit in the snow without getting wet. The ski suit is also breathable. The sweat linked to the efforts to get there’to evacuate efficiently. Depending on your needs and budget, it is possible to pack a few things’Turn to different materials for a suit. Gore-Tex is a technical membrane known for its performance. Primaloft and Thinsulate are also materials often used in winter.
  • The boots. It is unthinkable to go to the mountains without a suitcase’The ski suit is also breathable for winter sports aficionados without a good pair of shoes in their suitcase. It is necessary to’elsewhere, plan for several models. A first pair that will be used as shoes to move around the resort. It will be used to reach your residence, to go to the restaurant, to walk etc. It s’usually acts of boots. They are perfectly waterproof and therefore allow to put the feet in the snow. Also, it will be necessary to foresee ski or snow shoes. They will allow you to enjoy the joys of skiing while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Clothing. It seems obvious that the suitcase will contain many clothes and several spare parts. Tights, warm socks, a breathable t-shirt, a sweater, a fleece jacket… this article lists the details of the clothes to take to go to the mountain during the summer’winter.
  • The glasses. They are essential to protect the eyes from UV rays and avoid glare from the sun reflecting on the snow. UV rays are particularly harmful at high altitudes’even more so for light eyes or children. According to the needs of each one, it is possible to choose the right shoes’orientate towards a pair of classic sunglasses or a ski mask. This will be ideal for skiing or surfing while maintaining a good mask despite the speed. To choose the right ski mask, the’The ideal is to be advised by experts like Optic 2000.
  • The gloves, the’scarf and hat. Finally, to complete your ski outfit, it is important to have the following’add waterproof gloves in his suitcase. They are often stuffed and allow you to keep your hands warm even when temperatures are negative. L’The scarf and the cap will avoid any contact with the cold air and will keep the neck and the head warm’and keep the neck and head warm.

The essential items to put in your suitcase to go to the mountains

  • Ski poles. For skiers, they are of course unavoidable. They will allow you to keep a good balance when going down the slopes. Note: the size of the ski poles must be adapted. To check this, simply turn the ski pole over and hold it under the washer: if the arm is at the right angle, the ski pole is correctly adjusted.
  • The ski helmet. Whatever the level of the skier, a helmet will protect his head from the sun’a possible fall. C’is an investment that is undoubtedly necessary. Generally, the helmet has a system of adjustment of ventilation.
  • Sunscreen. Just like sunglasses, they will protect from UV rays. Beware of sunburns ! Choose a sunscreen with an index 50 is recommended. Indeed, the skin will be better protected from the wind’The UV rays in the mountains are stronger because of the sun’altitude.
  • The phone or the’camera. To immortalize your best memories and bring back beautiful pictures of the snowy mountains, the phone or the’camera are objects to take.
  • Equipment for the car. They are obviously to be placed directly in the car rather than in the suitcase. Remember that snow tires are mandatory to go to the station. It is also possible to wear a helmet’equip your car with socks or snow chains for a better grip on snowy roads.

If you are wondering what to bring during the winter season, you should consider the following’winter, j’hopes that this list will help you to prepare your suitcase in order to have the best possible equipment’go to the resort.

And you, which accessories do you put in priority in your suitcase? ? N’Feel free to share them in the comments.