5 paradise islands to see in your life

5 paradise islands to see in your life

In our collective imagination, islands are synonymous with rest, well-being, and reconnection with Nature. Many of them feature breathtaking landscapes or picturesque towns full of unique traditions and cultures. If you want to live this escape, here are five heavenly islands to discover.

5 of the most beautiful paradise islands to discover

Tahiti, the Seychelles, Bali, Bora Bora, or even Mauritius, all are emblematic names of paradise islands that have seduced painters, writers, explorers, in short, the whole world. Whether it is due to their beautiful beaches, their lush nature or the tradition of the people who inhabit them, these islands attract many tourists each year.

Mauritius Island

Island with a colonial past, theMauritius is located in the southwest of the Indian Ocean. It abounds in beaches with white sands and turquoise waters, ideal for a simple sunbathing or for a dive in the ocean, to discover the fauna and the aquatic flora.

However, this is not the only attraction of this small state. The latter is full of unusual places such as the plains of Chamarel and the land of seven colors, a clearing with land dunes with various colorful contrasts or the Black River National Park and the Botanical Garden of Pamplemousse for lovers of hiking and plants.

Another famous place of the island, the Great Basin presents a magnificent landscape with a Hindu temple on the edge of a lake and statues of deities, including the largest statue of a female deity in the world ! This environment is also the domain of many primates that you can observe.

To immerse yourself in the local culture, there is nothing better than visiting the capital, Port Louis, and discovering the many museums that trace the country’s history. In short, between marine activities, nature escapades or cultural visits, you will be able to keep yourself busy during your stay in the Seychelles’Mauritius.

The Seychelles

Archipelago of 115 islands, the Seychelles are also located in the Indian Ocean, close to Africa. You can spend your day under the sun at Anse Source d’Argent beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world and one of the most popular destinations. This paradisiacal setting is due in particular to the presence of rounded granite blocks on the beach.

You can also visit the largest atoll in the world: Aldabara Atoll, which is also home to giant marine turtles and a unique fauna and flora classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another island with an important biodiversity, Bird Island is home to many species of birds.

If you want a more picturesque getaway, you can also visit the capital city of Victoria, with its Creole, Hindu and colonial cultures and the replica of Big Ben, the clock tower of London.

The Seychelles


Paul Gauguin, Jack London, Brel, … The name of Tahiti makes you dream. Located in French Polynesia, unlike other islands, it has black sandy beaches. The beach also has a luxuriant fauna and flora and above all important surfing spots such as Teahupoo or Taharuu.

Tahiti is also known for its traditions and culture. If you are lucky enough to travel there in July, don’t miss the Heiva festival where songs, dances and competitions follow one another for three weeks.

Emblems of the Polynesian culture, many traditional tattoo artists offer their services to tourists. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to taste a tasty cuisine made from various local foods.


Probably one of the most famous islands of Indonesia, Bali deserves its name of “land of the gods”. Whether it is its magnificent beaches, or its majestic temples such as the temple of Tanah Lot on the beach or the temple of Ulun Danu on the lake Bratan, the rice fields or the volcano Batur, the island will offer you many breathtaking landscapes.

If you like diving, kayaking, yoga, or evenings on the beach, Bali offers many places for these activities such as the beach of Kuta. In addition, you can get a taste of the local culture by attending Bali’s arts festivals. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the’opportunity to observe dolphins at another flagship destination: Lovina Beach.


Bora Bora

Among the many islands of French Polynesia, the island of Bora Bora This is an unforgettable experience. If you wish to immerse yourself in the Maori culture, to swim with the rays and sharks or to discover the coral reef, the “first born” island will be your ideal destination.

In addition to the beaches, you can opt for a hike in the Valley of the Kings or Mount Ohue giving you a breathtaking view of the lagoon.

Bora Bora