The most beautiful landscapes of Martinique

The most beautiful landscapes of Martinique

In the heart of the Caribbean, in the Lesser Antilles archipelago, the island of flowers offers grandiose and varied landscapes. Ideal for a change of scenery and a great view ! Jump on a flight from Paris to Fort de France and enjoy the fabulous scenery of Martinique !

The Pelee Mountain

Culminating at 1397 meters, the peaked mountain dominates the island in a majestic way. It is an active volcano whose last eruption dates back to 1929. Numerous hikes, for all levels, allow you to explore the slopes of the volcano and its various landscapes; tropical forest, banana plantations, arid spaces swept by the wind, hot springs, cones resulting from past eruptions… At the top, a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea, and on the way, the beautiful city of Saint-Pierre.

The Tombolo of Sainte-Marie Island

An ephemeral phenomenon combining the effect of the tides and sea currents, the tombolo is a strip of sand that connects the beach of Petite Anse to the islet Sainte-Marie. It offers a particularly surprising spectacle ! Only practicable from November to April, it allows you to reach the islet without getting wet to enjoy the beauties of this natural reserve.

The Caravelle Peninsula

Splendid advance on the Atlantic Ocean, the peninsula of Caravelle offers magnificent landscapes typical of Martinique. This natural reserve of more than 400 hectares protects a luxuriant fauna and flora. The trails are designed to discover all the treasures of this place.

The Beach of Salines

On the commune of Sainte-Anne, it is the paradise beach par excellence ! A huge stretch of sand surrounded by coconut trees that borders the Caribbean Sea with turquoise waters. The ideal place for idleness in a postcard decor ! I advise you to stay until 6 pm to not miss the magnificent sunset.

The Anse d’Arlet

The village of anses-Arlet, in the southwest of the island is quite charming. Its Creole houses, its church and its famous pier make it a perfect setting for successful photos ! The beach is very pleasant, the water is crystal clear and inhabited by multicolored fish. The village is really typical and very lively.

Anse Couleuvre

Popular with locals for its wilderness, Anse Couleuvre is located in the commune of PrĂȘcheur in the north of Martinique. Nestled between the hills and accessible only on foot, it is a magnificent black sand beach.

Josephine’s Bathtub

In the middle of several islets that stretch out in the Atlantic Ocean between Simon’s Bay in the south and François Bay, there are shallows or white bottoms. The most famous of them being the bathtub of Josephine. These wide bands of white sand offer waters with extraordinary varieties of blue and turquoise.

Surrounded by a coral reef, these are truly heavenly places to swim.

The Forests of Martinique

They are marvelous; humid and tropical in the North, drier in the South, they have a unique and extraordinary flora, especially for our eyes of inhabitants of the metropolis ! The mangrove is also a place not to be missed, of a singular richness.