Review of Lost Bullets by Walter Hill and Jef

Review of the comic book Lost Bullets by Walter Hill and Jef

Prohibition, gangster stories, big money and little girls, that&#8217s what awaits the reader in the comic strip Lost Bullets, scripted by Walter Hill (adapted by Matz), and with Jef in the drawing.


When Roy Nash gets out of prison, it is not by the front door. Neither for banal reasons. The Chicago mob boss has a job for him: to catch three crooks who forgot to share the loot from a heist.

Why Roy ? Because Lena, his ex, has been taken by one of the gangsters, and everyone knows that Roy has this girl in his skin. If we add the half-million dollars from the robbery that disappeared into thin air and a cop whose honesty is rather questionable, Walter Hill, in this new scenario, brings together all the ingredients of a bewitching and breathtaking thriller.


lost_ballsLost Bullets is above all a film noir brought to life in comics. Dark, with interwoven mafia stories and many double agents. You can&#8217t trust anyone, not even the hero of the story : Roy Nash.

The adaptation of a movie script is tangible, let&#8217s not forget that Walter Hill is the one to whom we owe 48 hours more with Eddy Murphy and Nick Nolte ! Navigating between Al Capone&#8217s Chicago and the sticky Los Angeles of the 20s and 30s, there&#8217s some Godfather and some Western in Lost Bullets.

The atmosphere is therefore perfectly gripping, and the story is globally successful, although classic. The henchman freshly released from prison who has to track down the gangsters who ripped off the great “Al”, but who can only think of one thing: the woman (fatal ?) who is with them. Add a pinch of corrupt cop, and one will naturally think of film noir, which is clearly the major inspiration of the work.

Unfortunately, the drawing doesn&#8217t manage to keep up with the story and the atmosphere. The characters all look the same, and the emotions don&#8217t manage to transpire on their looks. If the hot sticky colors and the settings of Los Angeles are perfect, as well as the very cinematographic framings, the characters lack charisma through the drawing, which may make the comic quite difficult for many.

All in all, Lost Bullets is a very good thriller, in the vein of film noir and gangster movies. Unfortunately, the drawing is a step below the story, which will slow down more than one. Find this book by clicking here.