Which country to choose for a road trip

Which country to choose for a road trip ?

The road trip consists in making the road the goal of the trip. This way of travelling is becoming more and more popular, all over the world. But which country to choose for the road trip ? Here are some ideas.

Editor’s note: Don’t forget to have a valid passport to travel, as well as the necessary authorizations for certain countries, like the ESTA form for the United States. An identity document or a birth certificate as well as fiscal stamps are necessary to renew a passport.

Make your choice of road trip:

The United States

By motorcycle, car or van, who hasn’t dreamed of travelling through the United States? ? The mythical Route 66, the Grand Canyon, sleeping in typical motels, following the East or West coast, … The American continent offers a diversity of striking landscapes. A themed road trip in the USA is quite possible; the country offers multiple possibilities: filming locations of cult series and movies, the national parks of the American West, mythical roads, etc.

The United States is the country with the most dense road network. What to offer you a multitude of choices on your routes.

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Nothing better than following the Silk Road to cross Central Asia. Some parts of the route are not recommended for safety reasons; but from Uzbekistan to China, the journey offers a breathtaking view of centuries of culture, tradition and religion.

With its surface area of nearly 10.000 million km2, the landscapes are extremely varied from one region to another. Between the big modern cities like Shanghai and Beijing and their history, the sites testifying the history of China like Xi’an and its terracotta army, or the Forbidden City of Beijing.


To conquer Australia, it is better to have a minimum of planning for your trip if you only have a month of road trip. You will be easily tempted to deviate from your organization. Road trips in van are very frequent in Oceania. Between the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, Brisbane, Perth, Ayers Rock or Whitsunday, the possibility of discovering various landscapes is infinite.

One of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world is located at the gates of Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, to offer you at each turn, an incredible view on the masterful cliffs.