Hellfest 2018 3-day passes on sale and first bands (or not)!

Hellfest 2018: 3-day passes on sale and first bands (or not) !

As every year for many years, the Hellfest will make all the sales counters explode ! The bands have not even been announced yet and tens of thousands of fans are scanning the homepage of the website hoping to be among the buyers of the famous 3-day pass.

The sale announced for Friday the 13th is symbolic of the offbeat spirit of the festival. The question of the day is: how long will it take to sell the passes? ? And the sale starting at 1:13 pm, so much to say that the site will be “busy”.

In any case, on June 22nd, 23rd and 24th, Clisson will become CLISSON-ROCK-CITY again and a place of pilgrimage for 150.000 festival-goers. And we hope to be part of the adventure again this year !

Which bands in the Hellfest 2018 lineup ?

The rumor is spreading: Iron Maiden or not ? And the rumor is confirmed . More information in this article on the program and the headliners of Hellfest 2018.

In any case, nothing was revealed at 1:13pm on Friday, October 13 🙂

Hellfest 2018: the prices ? Expensive or not ?

The detractors of the festival are always present every year, grumbling that the price is high and increases too much. As a reminder, we will simply say that the facilities, the welcome, the programming and the site of Hellfest are far superior to many other festivals. Expensive, certainly, but not so crazy in quality / price ratio !