City of Bordeaux The must-sees to discover as soon as possible!

Must-see tours in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is nicknamed the Sleeping Beauty … And yet, the city is full of monuments, museums, or even leisure activities to perform ! From the famous Pey Berland Tower to the UFO Darwin, here is a small overview of Must-see visits in Bordeaux.

A city full of history and monuments

The history of Bordeaux is rich and interesting. Indeed, the city has been ruled by the kings of France but also by the English for a period, a cultural heritage that is evident in most of its monuments.

To start your visit of the city, you can start from one of its central points, the Pey Berland square. On the latter, you will have the choice between the Saint-André cathedral and its predominantly gothic architecture, and the Pey Berland Tower and its 229 steps which will offer you a breathtaking view of the city center. Small anecdote, the cathedral is separated from its bell tower because an underground river passes between the two monuments !

To continue your discovery of Bordeaux, you can walk to the Grand Théâtre. This one, whose architecture has been praised by many critics, has welcomed many artists throughout history.

Then, I advise you to continue your discovery by going to the place des Quinconces. Importantly, it is the largest non-concrete square in Europe ! On this tower, you can admire the monument in honor of the Girondins and the Republic, as well as the Girondins Fountain. And if you’re lucky, you may even come across one of the many events taking place on the Place des Quinconces, such as the circus or the Spring Fair !

By going to the end of the square, you will then have access to the famous quays of Bordeaux. So, you can continue your loop along the Garonne and the next monument on your way will be the Place de la Bourse. Considered by some as the most beautiful square in Bordeaux, it houses the famous water mirror, which is the largest in Europe ! You will be able to refresh yourself, or simply look at your reflection.

Place de la Bourse

If you continue, you will be able to admire the Porte Cailhau, located on the Place du Palais. And by extending your stroll a little, you will pass in front of the Porte de Bourgogne.

To finish, go to the Grosse Cloche, symbol of the Bordeaux people. Originally designed to announce public events and the grape harvest, it has become the point of attachment of the people of Bordeaux to their city.

The gardens of Bordeaux

For a moment of relaxation under the sun, or simply to breathe a little, you will have the possibility to go to three main gardens.

The Jardin Public is nestled in the heart of downtown, not far from the Place des Quinconces. This one, of English inspiration, will offer you greenery, ponds, bridges, but also terraces.

The Botanical Garden is currently located on the right bank of the Garonne River. It is composed of 7 areas that will make you discover a much wilder nature. The most courageous can even observe carnivorous plants !

Finally, the Bordeaux park, which is slightly out of town, is a real “recreated countryside”, with its forest, its promenade, its pond, and especially its farm !

Some activities to do in the city of Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a dynamic city full of activities… I will present you some of them, which are part of my favorites !

You can go to one of the many museums (Museum, CAPC, Museum of Decorative Arts and Design). In particular, go to the national museum of Customs, the only one that deals with this theme in France !

If you are a budding scientist, you have no choice but to go to Cap Sciences !

Finally, the’Darwin Ecosystem, located on the right bank, is also a place to discover: a true symbol of the expression of street art This type of service is not only an opportunity to celebrate a special event such as a bachelorette party or a wedding, and become an unforgettable souvenir.

It would be impossible to finish this article on the must-see attractions of the city of Bordeaux without mentioning its gastronomic delights. Restaurants “à la bonne franquette” or starred restaurants, wine bars, beer bars, etc… You can leave the city with your belly stretched tight !