Hellfest2018 Our assessment until June 2019!

Hellfest 2018 Our assessment until June 2019 !

On October 10, 2018, in just two hours, the 55.000 3-day passes have been purchased for Hellfest 2019. A huge success for this big festival and an absolute record. The previous sale was sold out in 30 hours;

Reading the reactions in the press and on social networks has reactivated some memorable memories of the previous edition.

Manowar and Slayer for the Hellfest 2019 !

Starting with the end of Hellfest 2018 also allows to better understand the reasons for the success of the lightning sale of all the passes in 2 hours.

It is late, it is Sunday evening and Iron Maiden has just finished its huge show. It’s Marilyn Manson who has to go on after a strange 20 minute break in the running order.

This break has become a key step for the festival for several years. In 2015, a large fireworks had been fired to celebrate the 10th edition of the festival. in 2016, it was the death of Lemmy that was greeted with a long salvo of all colors. For 2017, I have a memory lapse 🙂 but for 2018, it is certain that something was afoot !

All good things must come to an end, so this is the end of Hellfest 2018. But the staff didn't want to leave us hungry, so here is the announcement of the bands of the Fest 2019 ! The famous break is now the time of the announcements ! Like Wacken, Hellfest now also announces some bands a year in advance. And not just any bands ! Carcass, Mass Hysteria, Dropkick Murphysbut above all the one and only shows of Slayer (his last in France) and the return of the mythical Manowar in total French exclusivity !

Time to put on your best leather pants, tank top, and let your hair grow. Next year, the King of Metal will be on the Mainstage !

Sunday and a little review

You can find the concerts of the other days in articles dedicated to Day 1 and Day 2. Because we are lazy when it comes to rewriting what is already written.

Hellfest is not a restful place despite the two daily naps and the 5 meals a day. The days are also rich in emotions just by the presence of the living legend Iron Maiden the last day.

From Iced Earth to Iron Maiden

On sunday, we did a 3pm > midnight almost without interruptions . The finale on Iron Maiden gives Tom and myself a surplus of energy despite the 20 km walk the day before.

Because yes, on a festival you have to ride a lot to see a lot. Without counting the nice pogos and even daring sometimes – let's be crazy – a circle pit !

My walking shoes (brand new) have been very hard with not less than 50km in three days. Thanks Merrell, it's a good alternative to the traditional Converses or DocMartens 🙂

Food and novelties

In terms of novelty, we can note the aquatic structure that allowed many people to refresh themselves without having to queue at the toilets and water points. And moreover it’s nice, especially at night.

Another novelty that was not equally perceived by all festival-goers was the new central bar on the Mainstage. Several opinions have circulated on the networks: “too big”, “hides the scenes” for the most critical. But also “superb sphere” for the others.

Once again it’s a question of taste.

As for the food and the choice, it's always so large and qualitative. RAS.

Sunday bands, by Tom

The third and long awaited day of the Hellfest starts. Why expected ? Simply because two of my favorite bands are playing within a few minutes of each other. Then we put on the Docs, we put the cut and it is left for Amorphis, Maiden and many others !

Orden Ogan

Quiet start on the cowboy metal band (there is pirate metal, why not then ?). A few months after having seen them in Paris, the show is almost identical. And the songs too.

It's rather light, but an efficient way (with a beer) to wake up.


Iced Earth

The afternoon is already well advanced when Iced Earth starts. Group that we finally see little in our countries, however their heavy music is always pleasant to hear. A small tribute to Vinnie Paul on a superb interpretation of Watching over me will put everyone in agreement on the hand.


We stay in the heavy with dad (but what is it good) with the Germans of Accept. If I have to confess less hooked, that, nevertheless, listen pleasantly and makes a good warm-up for the rest of the day.


Amorphis ! My favorites for a long time, that I was eager to see live with the magic sound system of the fest. Moreover, the last album Queen of Time is particularly successful, so put the two together… if the beginning is a little shy (but successful), the audience gets fired up on a beautiful Death of a King and will not let go until the final House of Sleep. House of Sleep which doesn’t succeed in its job of putting us to sleep, quite the contrary !

Alice in Chains

So, Amorphis being finished, we run to the Main to prepare Maiden. In the meantime, it's back to our college years with Alice in Chains. If our grunge comrades have aged, their songs haven't, and we can see that they still have a lot of fun playing. Too bad for them to be before Maiden, the major part of the public being in the waiting of the continuation…


Iron Maiden

And here comes the Maiden monster. As a reminder, when the tickets went on sale, the Hellfest only had to display this name to be sold out. Because yes, after all these years, Maiden is and remains an indestructible monster of the metal scene.

More than a concert, it is a real show that unfolds before our eyes around the themes of wars, freedom, and of course, faith and hell. The classics are there, but also a lot of songs that we had never seen on stage before !

We're hot, we're singing with a Bruce Dickinson who's never been as young and energetic as he is at almost 60.

One more night and we have to go home… I can't wait for next year 🙂