5 good reasons to go for a quad ride

5 good reasons to go on a quad ride

The hikeéThe quad is becoming more and more successfulès withès for nature lovers. L’activityé also begins à attract the general public. This mode of travel iséThe covered landscapes offer many advantages compared to the classic escapades à foot, à vélo, … .

1. Live strong sensations, inésay

The quads usedés in hikingée are powerful and équipés of 4 wheel drive vehiclesédiés for difficult terrain. These vés can be driven up to the top of the hill’à This activity is a great way to experience the thrill of being in the middle of the world, at a speed of up to 80 km/héexperience inés.

The spécificitéThe benefits of quad biking also make it a great way to explore the areaéThe perfect all-terrain vehicle. The quad can be driven easilyés on the road’any track. Quad biking is ideal for those who love to go on a tripénd of the beaten tracks, in the small rough paths (rocky, with crevasses, dénivelés, …).

This offers more fun’adrénaline to drivers and passengers.

2. An experienceéexperience à live in all weathers

The bad weather alsoêche la réalization of’a cycling or walking tourécycling or hikingédestre. If you go on a quad, bad weather can be a probleméThe different types of tours are not a constraint and will not jeopardize your program. A quad rideée in quad under the’Rain, on muddy terrain, offers a lot of funême of better sensations.

These great adventures in the middle of nature are very popularéThe perfect all-terrain vehicle’adrénaline.

3. Décover landscapes in other ways

A hikeéQuad biking is a perfect way to explore the natural areas of the country’another way ofère. The quad can go to the inaccessible corners à walking or à vélo. Hikers can explore the most beautiful wilderness.

The quad allows, then, to’admire another side of the landscapeéjà déIt is, then, all covered and / or to see places that you do not’have ever exploredés.

France is home to many natural areas of interest’exception. You can choose between a quad bike excursion in the vineyards, a quad bike escapade on the splendid paths of the vineyards, or an excursion on the mountainsôs most popular destinations on the French coastlineçs, in a form ofêt, within a’s, …)és natural protectionégée, … .

4. An activityé accessible à all categorieséof people

Many professionals spécialiséWe offer quad tours and/or quad rental for excursions in the wilderness. They suggestès a different way ofénéItineraries are also availableéraires variés and difféThe quad can go to inaccessible placeséhicules. There are circuits for the most demanding ridersés, mid-level drivers, and other professionalséand the experts.

The most experiencedérimentés can go into the most difficult paths.

5. Good times à share

A quad normally has two seats for the driver and a passenger. It is, then, all à Many professionals offer quad biking as a couple, with a friend, between parents and children, etc; .

On the other hand, quad biking trips are normally done in groups of two or three people’about ten people. These fun walks represent the best of the bestés feel like they’re going to have a good timeés of joy and happiness à The activity is a way to live together to build memories of the pastémorables. The thrill has to be felt’s more valuable when they are shared’they are sharedées.

The perfect all-terrainéQuad biking is a great way to get aroundé idéale for team building or other eventséminary of’company. This expés experienceéThis activity allows you to create a unique experienceés a great way to explore natural areasésion and strengthen the’s spirit of’équipe.