Voyages Pirates Our opinion on the site of good plans cheap travel

Voyages Pirates : Our opinion on the site of cheap travel deals

You want a vacation in the sun at low cost ? The site voyages pirates proposes several offers of cheap travel in the world. Let’s discover this site that does wonders.

Voyages Pirates the best rates for cheap travel

The site Pirate trips reserves you the best trips at reduced prices. The site concocts for its users customized stays with the best rates for cheap travel.

How does the site work and how to find the good offers

The majority of tourists or travelers to plan their trips at lower cost are forced to go through several sites to make a comparison of rates and the best destinations cheaper. With Voyages Pirates, you will no longer need to comparators of stays before choosing a destination. Indeed, the site has been designed in such a way that the user can see all the interesting current promotions on the home page. The offers can be for flights only or for accommodation or both in one offer.

The offers present on this site are the best offers that have been selected for their unbeatable value for money. They are generally not visible to users on other competing sites. The promoters of these sites do not highlight these offers, because they redirect users to more profitable offers. The site Voyages Pirates offers the possibility to subscribers of its site to filter the available offers according to several criteria including the airport of departure, the destination and the period of travel.

Pirate travel does not really work like private travel or private sale travel sites, here you really have to be there at the time of booking’offer to try to travel at low cost.

An offer of cheap travel multi criteria

There is also a filter according to the type of trip or the user can search by flights, stays, cruises, hotels, or others. The offers proposed by Voyages Pirates are aimed at all types of travelers according to their budget. Even people with a flexible budget in their dates and budget dedicated to the stay can find many offers.

If they do not find an offer that invites them on a specific date at a price adapted to their needs, they can simply wait for an exceptional promotion to present itself and jump on great opportunities.

You can find among the offers, of New Year’s Eve trips to London New Year’s Eve trips to London: 4 days from 254 € in a hotel with Attestation of Excellence and return flights included. The site proposes the best destinations at low prices. You can even find a 3-day trip to Rome in a 4-star hotel by plane for less than 150 euros or a round trip Paris-Bangkok for 330 euros.

The site has recently put online for lovers of paradise islands a special offer for summer vacations in the Canary Islands: 5 days from 683 € with hotel, all inclusive and return flights. You can also take advantage of PIRATES promo code sometimes to get offers at a very low price like an adult ticket at the price of a child ticket on 8 theme parks: Futuroscope, Zooparc de Beauval, Parc Spirou Provence, Disneyland® paris, Aquasplash at Marineland, PortAventura World (PortAventura Park, Ferrari Land, Caribe Aquatic Park, etc). These theme park offers allow you to spend magical stays with your family, your partner or your friends.

Users of the Pirate Travel site can create an automatic notification request if an offer does not match their criteria or budget. In the event that the user still does not find anything, Voyages Pirates also integrates a tool to search for accommodation or transportation in the traditional way.

You have to be flexible to travel cheap

For cheap travel with Voyage Pirate prefer departures and returns in the middle of the week such as Tuesday or Wednesday which is often one of the cheapest. In addition, you must organize your vacations during the off-peak period of the year (February/March) when the air tickets are the cheapest.

Another technique to travel at a lower cost is to buy your plane ticket at off-peak hours, for example at night or on Tuesday at 3pm. This is the best time for airlines to lower their prices. Set up alerts for the opening of air ticket sales in order to take cheaper tickets. For destinations such as Asia or the Caribbean, it is more recommended to take your plane ticket 4 months in advance, but for Europe, you can do it 2 or 3 months with low-costs.

Check the information for your vacation offers

For travel to a country at a lower cost, If you have a limited budget, you should rather choose a country where life is not expensive on the spot. In addition, you can filter the different offers by departure airport/destination/period/maximum budget directly on the homepage in order to choose the best and most suitable offer.

You can even request a notification based on your criteria. Never jump on the first offer you see on your screen without searching for similar offers in the filter. Most of all flight comparison sites add bank fees at the very last step of the booking, the best tip is to compare the booking sites.

How can voyages pirates offer such low prices ?

Voyages Pirates offers the following Best destinations at reduced prices. The flight rates have already been negotiated with the partners. The promoters of the platform monitor daily the best offers with some flexibility in terms of schedules and flight time. Voyages pirates will be on the lookout for flash sales and promotional offers from several airlines so that you can make the most of them.

Beware however very often the best offers containing flights will be only very rarely in the main airports it will be on airports on the outskirts of cities.

The Angels - San Francisco

Our opinion on the offers of the site voyages pirates for your vacations

The best offers of Pirate Travel are on the paradise islands proposed by the site. The Bahamas remains one of the most coveted vacation and travel destinations for many of our subscribers in the Caribbean region. This destination is a dream because of the diversity of activities to be done on its beaches, but also because of its local gastronomy. The beauty of islands like New Providence with water parks and luxurious sun decks are perfectly suited for family fun and relaxation.

Also, Puerto Rico is a must-see destination, the El Yunque rainforest there is a fascinating place with unique plants that thrive in very humid conditions. There are hundreds of islands, large and small, surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and coral reefs teeming with life with a diversity of mountains and caves in this American territory. The Cayman Islands, a trio of tropical islands, offer some of the best diving in the world with a range of water sports and resorts.

You can also enjoy other activities such as swimming with stingrays, diving, snorkeling, hiking and also duty free shopping in the colorful capital of George Town.

Travel - Stock Photography

In addition, Pirate travel also offers better deals on Jamaica which is considered the “cradle of reggae”. This island offers a lush vision of green mountains falling on an azure blue sea with golden beaches with a colorful African atmosphere. Nature lovers can contemplate the turquoise seas, coral reefs, tropical forests, the Jam-packed with various attractions and rivers that are major assets of this island. Expeditions are also possible to other Caribbean islands such as Cuba, Saint Martin, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe and Bermuda.

All these islands contain superb beaches with high end hotels at a reduced price.

Recent offers from Voyages Pirates

Voyages Pirates offers an 8-day getaway to the Canary Islands from 607 € with accommodation in a 4-star hotel in an all-inclusive package, airport transfers and return flights included. For this 8-day stay, you will only spend 607 € per person all inclusive (Return flights, standard room in all inclusive formula, 1 meal [excluding drinks] included per person and per stay, 15 kg of luggage in hold included, Return airport/hotel transfers included). The price may vary depending on the date and city of departure, many dates are available from August to October 2019 from several departure airports.

Also, from 642 € you can offer yourself a trip to South India in Kerala with accommodation and return flight included. At a discounted price, you can discover the great country of India, especially the region of Kerala, which means “land of coconut trees”. You will leave from September 10 to 22 from Paris to spend 12 days in Kerala located in the southwest of India. This region of unique landscapes in the world with beautiful tea plantations and beautiful beach.

Moreover, from 274 € you can enjoy a 5-day vacation in Corfu, one of the most beautiful Greek islands. The offer is available from October 13 to 17 and includes accommodation in a 5 star hotel with the Ultra All Inclusive formula, Spa and return flights. Apart from the city of Paris, departures are possible in other cities. It should be noted that prices will change depending on the city and the departure date.

How to discover Guadeloupe ?

For some time now, you have been thinking about going on vacation far from home. In this way, you will be able to have a change of scenery, but also to rest after long months of work. To do this, it is true that you stay on the lookout for good deals to find dream stays that are quite affordable. In any case, you want to go to Guadeloupe, because you know that you can enjoy a total change of scenery with the culture or the breathtaking landscapes.

To make sure your trip goes well, you can decide to rent a car through a rental agency like Hertz. Indeed, renting a car is clearly the best thing you can do to discover the four corners of Guadeloupe in complete freedom. Moreover, if you know exactly when you are going to arrive at the airport in Guadeloupe, you can reserve your rental car in advance so that it can be available immediately upon your arrival.

If you want to discover the essential sites of Guadeloupe, it is clear that renting a car can help you succeed in your trip.