What you should not forget when going on a trip

What are the essentials when traveling ?

Today, traveling is a real way of life, even a profession. Social networks are flooded with all kinds of globetrotters and their amazing travel photos. But we are not all travel experts, and usually when we pack up and leave, doubts arise.

Of course, what you should and should not bring on your trip depends largely on the destination, plans and activities there. However, some items and accessories are indispensable and can be taken with you for a successful trip. We have listed them for you.

A sleeping mask

If your trip requires a long drive and you are not a driver, please wear a sleep mask. They have different materials, especially online for only a few euros. Ideal for traveling by plane and train, they also make it easy to fall asleep in a hotel.

Cotton is very soft and pleasant to the touch. However, you can choose the material that best suits your skin. Don’t forget to pack it in your suitcase either.

A toiletry kit

An original women’s toiletry bag is perfect for storing your beauty products and beauty essentials, and is definitely your favorite travel companion. In order to cope with the uncontrollable urge to escape when it is hot on weekends and holidays, opt for a brightly colored toiletry kit. Choose a waterproof material to avoid leaks, or prefer a machine washable cotton cloth with a nice printed lining.

A first aid kit

And if you need a band-aid or disinfectant while traveling ? It is always more convenient to carry a first aid kit with you than to go to the local pharmacy. In foreign countries, the products sold in pharmacies can be very different from those sold in Europe, and the prices are also very different.

To avoid unpleasant accidents, it’s always a good idea to bring an emergency kit when traveling. You can buy off the shelf, sold with the essentials, and you can add your own products to make it as complete as possible. You can also buy the empties and combine them with the products you use every day.

Before preparing your first aid kit, we recommend that you find out about the country/region of your destination and take along some specific products, not necessarily first aid, but very useful in certain cases, such as antiseptic spray or insect repellent.

A travel pillow

Although there are many airline advertisements, airline seats are not as comfortable as you might think. It’s helpful to keep a travel pillow on hand. If you’re flying at night and want to get a good night’s sleep, these pillows will make you more comfortable. The most popular models are those with memory foam.

With a travel pillow, you don’t have to find a suitable place to put it. You will sleep like a baby !

travel gear

A Swiss Army knife

We will not show you. Our ancestors invented it, and we are very proud of it ! The Swiss Army knife is indispensable in everyday life, especially when traveling. It is considered an old travel essential, but its effectiveness is still of great importance today.

It is very suitable for country outings, such as camping or hiking, but not only ! Because it is multifunctional, it can be used in various situations: knives, chisels, bottle openers, can openers, etc.

However, please note that if you take a plane, please do not put it in your hand luggage. Such items are not accepted for boarding and you will have to throw them away before boarding. It would be a shame to lose it.

A nomadic battery

Because the trip is also planned, bring the. So when you need to check the hotel address, you never have to worry about turning off your phone as soon as you leave the airport. When the battery is fully charged, it can recharge your device twice.

Comes with a USB charger, it is suitable for all types of smartphones and tablets. Small, beautiful and light, it can be easily stored in a jacket pocket or a handbag, no surprise, 4 LEDs can indicate the remaining battery capacity and its charge status.

A belly pocket

This is one of the things to remember before traveling. For good reason, it’s best to bring important documents, for example:

  • Airline tickets;
  • A passport;
  • Vaccination booklets ;
  • Some money from the country you are going to, or at least the current currency, etc.

Most importantly, the front pocket is carried with care. In addition, it prevents people from being robbed, unlike bananas that can be carried everywhere.

Electronic equipment

In addition to the basics (headphones and earbuds), consider bringing the necessary camera gear (extension cord/pole/tripod to take selfies with your phone, if you have a small camera…). When there is no power, your phone (memory card, external hard drive, USB stick) and charging device have no free space (external battery). Don’t forget the adapter (the shape of the plug and its voltage vary according to the country/region).

A portable luggage scale

This tool may seem trivial, but for those who are used to traveling, it is not. The law regarding baggage weight may vary from airport to airport. Then, it is preferable to have your own portable scale in order to comply with it.

It is not very heavy, depending on the model, and it is easy to put in the suitcase. The day before departure, it is recommended to weigh all items to be packed. Indeed, last minute purchases can distort the calculations.

As explained here, the headlights are very important.