Take advantage of a tour to visit the USA

Take advantage of’a circuit to visit the USA Discover the most beautiful places of the island ! If you want to go to’a trip out of the ordinary, of course’a road trip, from’a circuit in the United States, c’is the’It is a great opportunity to discover several large metropolises such as New York, Los Angeles, […]

The most beautiful landscapes of Martinique

The most beautiful landscapes of Martinique In the heart of the Caribbean, in the Lesser Antilles archipelago, the island of flowers offers grandiose and varied landscapes. Ideal for a change of scenery and a great view ! Jump on a flight from Paris to Fort de France and enjoy the fabulous scenery of Martinique !

The most beautiful destinations for golf

The most beautiful places to play golf Golf continues to appeal to many people, it is now the most practiced individual sport in the world. Like all outdoor activities, it improves blood circulation, strengthens cell oxygenation and promotes relaxation. In addition, it stimulates concentration, improves the coordination of the senses and facilitates meetings. The architects […]

13 reasons why our opinion on the book

13 Reasons Why: our review of the book Every month, Netflix releases several new series or seasons. In the midst of the channel’s superhero stars, it is increasingly difficult for series to stand out, even when the quality is there. In 2016, Stranger Things and The OA are the only ones that stand out.